The Case for Choosing Steel Siding

siding installation 9 Paramount Siding & Windows DenverToday, Paramount Windows and Siding in Denver makes the case for choosing steel siding. Homeowners are typically unaware of the potential for steel siding as opposed to wood, vinyl, composite, and more common siding choices. Today, we want to share all about steel siding and how it may just be the right choice for your new home siding project this year.

North American Climates

Steel siding has proven itself to be a versatile siding option in the climate zones of North America. It performs excellently in areas with high winds, even tornadoes, for impact purposes. That being said, because steel rusts, it is better in dryer climates as opposed to wetter ones or locations near the ocean. Even though choosing steel siding is best for certain areas of the country, you can make it work in pretty much any climate of North America.

Easily Insulated

Steel in itself is not a great insulator, but it is very affordable to insulate it during and even after construction, in the case of a remodel. Choose as thick of steel as you can afford for the best insulative results. And choose good insulation to line the walls, working from the outside in, this will serve to protect against both sound interference and drastic temperature fluctuations.

Durable with High Value

Yes, steel siding will cost you more up front than some other siding options out there. But choosing steel siding requires very little maintenance, including painting and sealing, and it can last 50+ years. It easily resists damage caused by insects (termites, carpenter ants) or other animals and can even brave tornado-strength weather conditions (wind, hail, rain, even snow). High and low temperatures are addressed by using thicker steel and sound insulation inside the walls. So, yes, it may cost you more in the beginning, but once you have steel siding installed, you won’t have to think about it again, perhaps for as long as you own your home. Steel siding rates high on our list for durability and value.


For environmentally friendly homeowners, you are going to love the benefits of choosing steel siding. It is a green option for home siding because this material always (yes, always) contains recycled content.

Even more benefits of being low maintenance mean that you don’t have to add to products emitting toxins into the environment because none are needed, such as paints and sealers or other harmful chemicals, in order to keep it in tip-top shape. Also, there are no toxic chemicals leaching from steel, which is another environmental reason to choose steel as your home siding.

It would not be fair unless we mentioned the drawbacks of steel siding as well. So here is what we found to be reasons to avoid using it as your premier choice for siding. 

Low Budget

If your budget simply does not allow for the use of steel siding, you may be forced to choose another material instead. However, keep in mind that mixing up the materials you use as your home siding will often create a desirable effect. Take a look down below for design ideas on how to mix steel and other siding materials to create a beautiful look for your home.

Coastal Humidity

Steel is known to rust. So, the ideal climate is not one that is very wet, humid, or situated within a half of a mile of the coastline. Salty air and fog will do a number on steel, making it rust faster. Luckily, here in Colorado, we don’t have to worry about humidity or salty air. But keep this in mind if you every relocate or buy property near the ocean at some point.

Hot Climates

Materials such as wood and composite do a better job of reflecting heat than steel. As we mentioned before, it is all about the insulation. If you live in an extremely hot area, you must consider that quality insulation will be part of the design and budget process.


Now that you have seen some of the utilitarian benefits of choosing steel siding, it is time to look at the design potential. Many homeowners have not even considered steel as an option for their homes. It has a reputation for commercial buildings only. And looking at a typical commercial building typically does not inspire anyone to use boring, even ugly commercial siding on their home.

But steel siding is becoming more prominent and with that comes more design options. Steel siding is coming in an extensive array of colors and textures such as wood. Read on to see if any of these steel siding design ideas inspire you to choose it instead of other conventional options.

Contrasting Colors

A great way to break up the monotony of some steel siding is to use alternating and contrasting colors instead of just one color. Consider using a neutral on half and an interesting color on the other half of the area needing siding. It can be on the top or the bottom, the choices are endless.

Also, use contrasting colors for trim, shutters around windows, or other features of the home. This will create more of a striking look, adding interest and breaking up the monotony.

Weathered Steel

Go for the rustic look by choosing pre-weathered steel, which can be recycled or new. The rust is not a concern but will only add interest and character to the aesthetic of your home’s exterior.

Alternating Patterns

Vertical and horizontal patterns are the most commonly used designs for steel siding. But why go with traditional; instead go with a totally different look and have your steel siding installed diagonally for the ultimate in interest. This is great for a homeowner who wants to stand out and show forward thinking, outside-of-the-box designs in the neighborhood.

Wood and Steel

Mixing up your steel siding with wood makes a surprisingly delightful combination. It adds a more inviting feel which many of us appreciate. Cover one whole wall with wood siding for a striking feature or go for half and half wood and steel to soften up the stringent look of too much steel.

We hope the case for choosing steel siding has been an educational and helpful tool in deciding what home siding option to choose. At the bottom of it all, steel makes for a sturdy and versatile siding option. We are excited to work with you on your upcoming siding renovation soon. Call us for additional information or an estimate on steel siding at Paramount Windows and Siding in Denver.

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