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When Should You Replace Your Siding?

Nothing lasts forever, including your home’s siding. When siding wears out, it can break or start leaking; this can lead to expensive problems. How do you know when your siding needs to be replaced? Here are some tips to help you know when the time is right to contact a siding company. Expensive heating and…
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Wood vs. metal siding in Colorado

When you install siding on a building in Colorado, two of the major choices are metal and wood. Both have different pros and cons: Durability The Denver area’s rain and snow make metal appealing because of its resistance to mold and rotting. It needs little maintenance. Flammability Colorado occasionally experiences wildfires, so aluminum and steel…
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How to tell if your windows need replacing

It can be hard to determine if windows need replacing, especially if they appear to be doing their job. Below we outline some signs that could mean you need replacement windows… Your heating bill is higher than usual – Windows that are broken or have inefficient glazing can cause heat loss. Condensation is collecting on…