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Awning benefits in the winter

You are probably aware awnings provide shade from the hot summer sun, but you may not realize they offer wintertime advantages, as well. They have something to offer all year round. Of course, there are several attractive styles of awnings for your vinyl windows that can help give your Denver home a unique look. They…
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Benefits of fiberglass windows

Fiberglass windows are a great way to lower your energy costs and keep your home heated or cooled to your desired temperature. Fiberglass is about eight times stronger than vinyl, which means it will be better able to maintain the temperature of your house. Fiberglass doesn’t warp and lasts about 50 years, unlike wood or…
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Enjoying the benefits of double-hung windows

Depending on the weather, there may be slightly blowy days when you’d like air circulating into a room from the top of your windows. At other times, there might be a real joy in sitting directly in a gentle, cooling breeze, so you open the bottom sash. This is one of two terrific benefits from…