4 Current Window Trends to Improve Your Home

4 Current Window Trends to Improve Your HomeLooking for home update ideas? Try this list of 4 current window trends to improve your home with help from Paramount Siding and Windows, serving all of Denver metro. Upgrading your windows can make a significant visual impact and change the way you use your living space, without an enormous investment. Some simple adjustments in style and color can transform a standard, cookie-cutter suburban home into an eye-catching trendsetter.

  1. Add a Splash of Color

Most homeowners that opt for vinyl windows choose the standard white frames. This is fine if you think white frames will best accentuate your exteriors, but while you have the chance, why not select a bright contrasting color for your window frames? Vinyl windows are available in a whole range of bold colors, natural hues, and sweet pastel shades. Stand out from the crowd and give your home a modern feel with a carefully chosen color scheme.

  1. Install a Window Wall

The second of 4 current window trends to improve your home is bold, converting a whole wall into one huge picture window will instantly add a contemporary feeling to your home. Wall to wall windows can offer unbeatable panoramic views and the opportunity to easily merge your outdoor and indoor living space if you opt for sliding doors. This dramatic renovation does require a substantial investment, but it can be worth it, especially if your home affords a decent view. Window walls are often found in newer high-end developments. Adding one to your home is an easy way to modernize and increase the resale value of property.

  1. Upgrade with Energy Efficient Technology

Switching out your old window panes and worn out wood or metal frames can be an easy way to update your home. Choosing glass with low-E coating and double glazing will get your home up to modern standards and help you save money on your energy bills. Look for highly insulated frames with warm edge spacers and an overall good Energy Star rating. Window technology has improved enough to minimize energy loss from homes, making them more efficient to run and less costly.

  1. Add an Accent Window

Accent windows are usually for aesthetic improvement, but they can also be functional. A garden window above your sink can be a practical place to grow herbs and spices for daily use in the kitchen. Adding a bay window or bow window to your living room can create a cozy space for reading or relaxing. A geometric picture window can allow more light to enter as well as creating a visual focal point. With accent windows, you can be creative and personalize your home.

Giving your home a fresh new look will add to its value and improve your quality of life. Adding more natural light, color and efficient materials will instantly modernize any house. At Paramount Siding and Windows, we are happy to share advice on choosing the right windows for your personal needs. We offer free in-home consultations to potential customers. Allow our team to help with 4 current window trends to improve your home.

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