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Modern Window Types

At Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver, we offer a wide range of modern window types. Finding the perfect windows for your home can be a challenge. Whether you have a specific look in mind or are seeking inspiration, our team can assist you in selecting the right windows to complement your home. Generally, modern…
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Classic Window Types

Classic window types can help complement the specific time period or style of any home. At Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver, we offer a full range of windows, traditional to modern, and in a wide variety of materials and finishes. Our experts can help you find the perfect fit for your home. Traditional architecture…
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How to Reduce Your Use with Energy Efficient Windows

Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver can show you how to reduce your use with energy efficient windows. This is just one of the ways that we offer added value in our window installation services. We want our customers to take full advantage of every benefit associated with getting new windows in their home. From…
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Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Siding

If you’ve ever wondered, everything you need to know about vinyl siding and its installation can be found right here. Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver provides a wide range of different siding styles, including wood, metal, vinyl and sustainable compound siding. We offer custom installation and professional services to both homeowners and commercial customers.…
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4 Current Window Trends to Improve Your Home

Looking for home update ideas? Try this list of 4 current window trends to improve your home with help from Paramount Siding and Windows, serving all of Denver metro. Upgrading your windows can make a significant visual impact and change the way you use your living space, without an enormous investment. Some simple adjustments in…
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How to Keep Wood Windows Looking Great

Paramount Siding and Windows wants to share with you how to keep wood windows looking great. Many of our Denver clients are uncertain when it comes to using this material for their home. They love the look and feel of solid wood windows and doors, but are wary about investing the time and effort needed…
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How to Choose the Right Siding for Your Home

Here at Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver, our team can help you figure out how to choose the right siding for your home. We know how easy it is to get overwhelmed by the huge variety of options available. As technology develops, new materials are introduced to the market and customers have to decide what…
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Right Windows for Craftsman Homes

Choosing the right windows for Craftsman type homes requires you to consider a few different factors carefully. The shape, style, and material used to make your windows are all crucial in creating a strong visual impression. At Paramount Siding and Windows, we can help you choose the right windows to complement any style of home. …
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The Facts About Home Window Installation

Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver wants to share with our customers the facts about home window installation. Homeowners planning on replacing their windows or installing brand new ones can get caught up in uncertainties. Is it necessary to hire a professional? Can I install the windows myself? Do I need to have old windows…
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All About Casement Windows

At Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver, we are dedicated to finding the right windows for every customer’s needs. This week, our blog is all about casement windows. We will explain how casement windows work, and why they may or may not be suitable for certain spaces. We’ll also share insider tips on the best…
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Do Vinyl Windows Last?

At Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver, Colorado, our customers often ask do vinyl windows last and are they worth the investment? We know the low cost and ease of maintenance of vinyl windows make them a very attractive option for homeowners on a budget. However, the “cheapest” option is not always the most financially…
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A Complete Guide to Wood Windows

Our experts at Paramount Siding and Windows here in Denver, Colorado know that many homeowners love the appearance and solid feel of traditional wood windows. So, we’ve created this complete guide to wood windows to help you determine if this is the right investment for your home and discover the best approach to buying wood…
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