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Vinyl siding and trim around light fixture

Things to know about new vinyl siding

Are you considering new vinyl siding? If so, here are a few things you should know first. Vinyl siding comes in thicknesses ranging from .035 to .055 inches. If you want a higher-quality siding, choose one that is .04 inches or thicker. Vinyl siding is an eco-friendly solution that results in very little waste. It…
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Vinyl siding around rock siding

Protecting your home from winter with vinyl siding

In wintry environments like Colorado, having vinyl siding gives your home a much-needed added layer of protection against the harsh winter elements. While many homeowners focus on improving their sources of direct heat in anticipation of the winter, it can be very cost-effective and worthwhile to look at inexpensive ways to keep generated heat in…
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Phantom screen door

4 great reasons for choosing Phantom Screens

Which of the following would be best for your property? An easy-to-operate motorized screen to keep annoying insects out of your home? A screen that delivers enhanced natural ventilation while still allowing enjoyment of those terrific views you love so much? Multi-panel manual screens that keep that welcome breeze flowing in and bugs firmly out?…
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Need a new awning window installed

Kid-friendly windows for your home

Toddlers and young children can crawl into any space and opening in your home, which poses a danger at times. For instance, they can easily crawl out of a high window and sustain severe injuries. Luckily, you can ensure your kids’ safety while transforming your home by getting kid-friendly replacement windows. These include: Double-hung windows…
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Double hung windows with transoms for style

What’s stopping you from getting new windows?

It’s common to assume that getting new replacement windows is an expensive investment that isn’t necessary. However, if your energy bills are high and you’re always repairing your windows, you may be spending more money than you would with new ones. Therefore, before foregoing window replacement in an attempt to save money, consider all the…
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Steel siding examples

Adding some steel to your outlook

We’re not talking about personality here – but property! Steel siding is a terrific choice for both residential and commercial buildings. For starters (and for a long time afterwards) it’s both durable and ageless. Steel sidings never rot, burn or blister as other options might. Those are just some examples of its superb weather tolerance…
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New replacement windows to match your home's style

4 ways new windows transform your home

Are you on the fence about installing new replacement windows in your home? Since new windows are quite pricey, it’s normal to hesitate or forgo their installation. However, getting new windows provides an array of benefits that you can’t ignore. Here are four ways new windows transform your home. Windows such as bay and bow…
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Additional windows let in the light

3 custom window options for your home

Custom windows are windows specially designed to fit your home or business window openings. Since they’re made to order, they meet the requirements for your property and are available in every shape, size, and design. Here are 3 custom window options you can choose from for your home. Custom wood windows – these offer classical…
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I need replacement casement windows

The best windows for different climates

Your window needs will vary depending on your area. Below are some window replacement choices for different climates: Hot climate – the goal is to prevent unnecessary heating and dangerous sun rays from outside. Low emissivity glass has a coating that prevents harmful UV light from entering the home. Double or triple-pane glass windows can…
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Casement windows

Why casement windows are a cranky choice!

We don’t mean that they’re only for bad-tempered people! The ‘crank’ here refers to the method of opening and closing casement windows. They are hinged on one side and you use the crank to open them by hand. Such a convenient method means they are a hugely popular choice for replacement windows in kitchens and…
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Denver's expert window installers

Why you should get custom windows

Getting replacement windows that fit your budget, functional needs, and style may seem challenging. However, the key is to get custom-made windows. Custom windows ensure you get windows that are specially crafted for your home’s window openings. They not only guarantee a tighter fit, but they also improve your home’s overall aesthetics and energy efficiency.…
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New garden window installation

Three great reasons why fiberglass windows are a popular choice

Let’s start with their longevity. With zero level of thermal expansion and contraction, fiberglass windows are much less likely to crack. Even the terrific four-decade-long time-frame for the life of a vinyl window is often shorter than that of fiberglass options. Also, fiberglass does not warp, rot, corrode, rust, or discolor. Secondly, fiberglass windows are,…
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