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Trim around your windows adds style

3 things you should know before getting replacement windows

Installing replacement windows in your home is a great way to improve energy efficiency and increase your home’s value. Since replacement windows are a huge investment, you need to do them right the first time. Here are three things you should know before installing replacement windows to ensure you get value. Don’t attempt to DIY.…
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New wood windows as a design feature

Fed up with looking out your windows?

Spending so much more time at home, as we all have over recent months, might have led to a desire for change. This could refer to the view from your windows, or the windows themselves! Custom-made windows are a great way to renew the view. Being able to choose a style that best suits your…
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Phantom Screen

Our Phantom – a sort-of summer superhero!

Not as in dashing to the rescue when the bad guys look like they might win – well not exactly. As an authorized distributor of Phantom Screens, we appreciate how superbly they do offer vital protection for your indoor and outdoor living spaces – right throughout a frazzled Coloradan summer! If the bad guys are…
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New double hung windows in custom sizes

Why you shouldn’t DIY window replacement

There are several DIY projects homeowners can do, but window replacement isn’t one of them. This is because replacing your windows is a significant investment that you need to get right the first time. Making any mistakes can result in costly repairs and replacements in the future. Here are some reasons why you should never…
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Wood window trim that needs replacement

Signs your wood window frames are rotting

Wood windows are a great choice for adding a rustic feel to your home. However, they’re susceptible to rot, especially with poor maintenance and care. Here are some signs that show your wood windows are rotting. When you touch your window frames, they feel soft and spongy. Your window frames have discoloration. Your window paint…
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Insulating siding saves you money

Painted weathered siding versus replacing

Is your siding looking dull and weathered? Hire a siding company that also offers painting services. New paint gives your home exterior a fresh look without costing a lot of money. Painting over wood or aluminum siding costs 60% less than replacing your siding — the price varies depending on how many coats your home…
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Casement window installer Denver

What is trim capping?

Trim capping is a sturdy material that simulates the exterior’s original color and finish look. Vinyl is specially cut and formed to blend with the trim’s profile, then set over the top of it. The smooth cover complements the exterior’s elements and gives a freshened-up appearance. A wood window, door, or fascia trim gets encased…
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Phantom screen door

Two great uses for retractable screens

Retractable screens are great for dealing with two problems that we often encounter here in Colorado. The first is those pesky insects that can invade your home at certain times of the day and year. Retractable screens provide the protection when you need it, but can then be stowed away (there’s even a motorized option)…
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Vinyl siding and trim around light fixture

How to prevent vinyl siding damage

Vinyl is a durable siding material that you can install in your home to improve its appearance and increase its value. However, despite its strength and durability, vinyl siding isn’t immune to damage. For example, poor maintenance and care and extreme weather conditions can cause it to wear and tear. Here are ways you can…
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Double hung window installation experts in denver

Increase the value of your home with replacement windows

While window replacement could help improve energy efficiency and help you save money on utility bills, it could also increase the value of your home. In fact, replacement windows are one of the top ten ways to increase the resale value of a property. Replacement windows will increase the value of your home and you…
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Energy efficient windows save money

Facts you might not know about insulated windows

With a pandemic raging across the country, more and more people are spending time at home with their families. Because of this, savvy homeowners are looking to save more on heating and electricity bills. Investing in insulated replacement windows may save you money over time due to their cost-efficient nature. Ordinary glass windows usually lose…
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Double hung window installation experts in denver

Reasons why you should get fiberglass windows

Your windows protect your home against outside weather elements. Therefore, you need to choose them carefully to avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future. Replacement windows come in a variety of types, but many homeowners are opting for fiberglass windows because of the numerous benefits they provide. These include: Strength- fiberglass is the strongest…
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