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Consider Installing Siding for Your Home and Business

Residential homes and commercial businesses were traditionally build using a few methods, including brick, stone, wood, and stucco. However, over time these materials break down and can result in large costs to either repair or replace them. For example, stucco is nice, but water damage can make it warp and wave over time, creating an unpleasant look from the front and sides of the exterior walls. These older options also leave room for structural damage, in that they aren’t necessarily fully sealed, allowing for the growth of molds and rot, and the opening of holes and cracks. That’s why we suggest making the conversion to siding for your home or business—as siding is a safer, greener, better option than those other choices.

Siding for Your Home

Upgrading your home to siding is a major price increasing factor for resale values, as well as a huge uplift for the face of your home. We are unique in that we work with homeowners to match their needs and goals for their home, as well as their budget. From installing insultation and color options, to providing multiple options from manufacturers, we are a full-service company, helping you choose the best siding potions that fit your unique needs. Two of our most used options for residential siding comes from LP Smartside and Hardieplank Siding.

LP Smartside is perfect for getting that wood siding look, without the cost and maintenance issues that come with real wood siding. LP Smartside is known for its engineered pieces, implementing the design and feel of wood, while integrating vibrant color that does not fade, scratch and impact resistant planks, low maintenance cleaning, and the option to order finished or unfinished. LP Smartside is the way you want to go if you are looking at options which modernize your home, without taking away the homey feel that your family is comfortable with. They use a process that they’ve coined as ‘SmartGuard’ to resist bugs and fungi in the harshest environments, while making their planks extra-long—both of which add together to make a better visual exterior, and a better, cleaner interior for you.

In comparison is Hardieplank Siding, which is eco-friendlier and created from a fiber cement. This fiber cement is created using Portland cement, ground sand, cellulose fiber, and other additives. It’s this combination of materials that allows Hardieplank Siding to customize their siding, creating the look and feel of traditional siding methods—without incurring the wrath of damages that come from them. All of their siding is fire resistant and durable in heavy weather. In fact, it is able to last the full lifetime of a house when it is properly cared for, as proved with their 30-year warranty.

Siding for Your Business

The use of siding for your business can lead to a lot of benefits including:

A more professional appearance

A problem resistant exterior

Faster repair and maintenance

You can, of course, use LP Smartside or Hardieplank Siding to enclose your business (just as you can use vinyl or steel on your home) but there are benefits to all four which apply better to the two different types of buildings and their environments.

Vinyl siding is a very cost-effective option for and inexpensive addition to the exterior of a building. It is made from poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and is a great alternative to wood or fiber cement material because it is made of this PVC resin. It is best used as a decorative feature because you have the capacity to change the color, gloss, and opacity of it before it goes up—and it also adds to your insultation and the durability of the exterior. It is fade resistant, low maintenance, and it can be ordered with factory-installed insultation, instead of paying us to install the insulation separately before your siding.

In comparison, is the most protective siding that is available: steel. Steel siding has huge benefits, including resistance to fire, weather, rots, and bugs, while remaining maintenance, and retaining its attractive and flexible finish. This option gives off the most professional feel of all of the options, but it can come away as being stoic or cold if the surrounding area doesn’t employ color and personality. However, this option does retain both heat and cold very well in combination with added insulation.

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