1. Will my roof leak after a hail storm?
    Generally NO!! If the roof has been bruised by hail, it is still functioning as it should.  There is usually no cause for undue stress.  The only time it can immediately leak is if you have shingles and underlayment physically missing.  A hail damaged roof will leak in time, 18 mos to two years, but not immediately.
  2. How do I know if it has been hail damaged?
    You cannot tell most times from the ground if the roof has been damaged. A qualified inspector can look for bruising of the shingles and the frequency of the bruising to see if it is hail damaged.   An honest assessment can then be given to you and let you decide if you want to file a claim.
  3. Should I call my insurance company if hit by hail?
    No, call someone qualified to inspect. The challenge with immediately calling the insurance company is they file a claim.  If there is no damage or not enough damage it will count against you.
  4. What is an impact resistant class IV shingle?
    This is a shingle that has been designed and tested to put up a better fight with hail. This DOES NOT mean hail proof.  Some insurance carriers will offer discounts to your premium if you install a class IV roof, check with your agent.
  5. Why is ventilation important?
    Ventilation is important for several reasons. One is comfort.  Your attic can be 40 degrees hotter than outside in the summer, and bitter cold in winter.  If the air is not moving out, it can be forced down into the home.  Two is code.  It is now code to have ventilation correct.  This will make sure the shingles last as long as required and also reduce problems with mold, and other challenges.  There must be a volume area for intake and exhaust.
  6. Why can’t I have more than one layer?
    As codes have changed over the years, it has been discovered that multiple layers are not good in any way. First is weight.  Adding all those layers is more and more weight on the roof.  Second is performance.  With the advance in technology, the new shingle systems perform better for hail and wind at one layer.
  7. Will insurance cover code upgrades?
    Yes, unless you removed code upgrade on your policy, then they are only required to replace what’s there. The homeowner must pay for code upgrades.  Colorado is the number 2 state for hail, it is highly recommended that you keep this on your policy.
  8. Will you give estimates without seeing the insurance paperwork?
    Yes, absolutely. We will do a full inspection, notes and issue our estimates without seeing the insurance paperwork.  Anyone not doing this is lazy.  First off, we are all human and miss things.  If we do an inspection and the insurance does one, then there are two sets of eyes looking, helping make sure all is found and covered. We will get you estimates and then be glad to sit down and go over our scope and compare it to the insurance scope.
  9. What if your estimates are not the same as the insurance?
    That is ok, don’t stress. The biggest thing for a homeowner to decide is who you want to restore your home.  After that, we will talk with the insurance and come to agreements on damage restoration.  You will only have your deductible to worry about.
  10. Are you just a roofer?
    NO, Paramount has specialty crews in siding, windows, paint, and roofing. What makes us different is we already have crews we trust and are fully capable to do the work.  Lots of hail chasers or contractors have one specialty, but tell you they can do it all.  They will then call around to try to find someone to do things they are not capable of doing.  They do this to try to get all the insurance monies.  Paramount has the crews, and are aware of all codes in all areas of work.  This will make it one phone call on all items damaged.
  11. Do you require to do all my work?
    NO, we are thankful for any awarded work!! We want to do all of it for you, but we do not require it.  We will issue separate estimates for each area damaged.  You choose whats best for you!!
  12. Do you talk to the insurance company or must I be the middle man?
    Yes, Once you settle on Paramount to do your work, you must give the insurance company permission to chat with us. The privacy act requires this.  Once that is done we will do all the work to get approvals.  Paramount DOES NOT require any contract until the work is approved by the insurance company.  Some contractors are asking or requiring you to sign a contingency contract.  DON’T!! This is a way to lock you down before anything is done!!  We feel if they don’t want to do some work to earn your business why should they get it?