How to Keep Wood Windows Looking Great

Paramount Siding and WindowsHow to Keep Wood Windows Looking Great wants to share with you how to keep wood windows looking great. Many of our Denver clients are uncertain when it comes to using this material for their home. They love the look and feel of solid wood windows and doors, but are wary about investing the time and effort needed to maintain them.

It is a fact that wood does require extra care and attention to keep looking its best. If you are willing to put in the work, your wood windows can function well and look flawless for up to 100 years!

Stain & Paint

The first step in how to keep wood windows looking great is to apply a high-quality finish to the inside and outside wood surfaces. Most homeowners will choose a protective stain. This gives the wood a richer color while also protecting it from wear and tear. You can also opt for a colorless water sealant which simply forms a strong barrier to protect the bare wood from the elements. For brand new windows, this protective finish should be applied as soon as possible. If the surface of the wood is not already well sanded, you may need to use a fine grit sandpaper to attain a smooth surface.

While most homeowners prefer to maintain the original color and appearance of the wood used to make their windows, some choose to paint the wood. This is the preferred look in some historic neighborhoods. Before painting, the wood must first be primed. Apply a coat of primer and allow it to dry fully before painting with an oil-based or latex paint.

Cleaning & Upkeep

Regularly cleaning your wood windows will keep them looking attractive and help you to spot any potential flaws. Using a soft bristled brush and warm water, gently scrub the inside and outside wood surfaces to remove all dust and debris. For more stubborn build-up on the exterior surfaces, you can use a mild household detergent. While cleaning your windows, you should check for cracks and peeling finish or paint. You will probably need to refinish or repaint the exterior of your windows more often than the interior.

Small cracks in the wood can be repaired by sealing them with the matching sealant or primer and paint used on the rest of the window. For larger, more obvious cracks, you can fill them with wood filler before sanding them down then apply the sealant or primer and paint. Remember to regularly inspect the caulking around the edges of your window frames. If you spot loose or cracked caulking, trim it off and then seal the gaps with a high-grade caulk made for exteriors.

Taking the time to care for your wood windows as we have outlined will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. You can always choose an easier, low-maintenance material for your windows, but they will never match the authentic look created by traditional solid wood windows. For more information on how to keep wood windows looking great, contact Paramount Siding and Windows. We have been installing wood windows across the metro Denver area with great success for years.

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