Replacing Windows When Selling a Home

Replacing Windows When Selling a Home Paramount Siding & Windows DenverAt Paramount Windows and Siding in Denver, we’d like to share with you some thoughts about replacing windows when selling a home. Generally, making updates to your home before selling it will be a big bonus for buyers on the market. The more updates that are made will lead to an easier sale overall.

However, to address the question whether or not to update the windows in your home before selling can be answered in several ways. Start with the question, are the windows broken, cracked, drafty, otherwise in disrepair, or letting in a lot of outside noises? If so, then this will only hinder a quick home sale, unless the new owner wants a fixer-upper. If that is the case, then the curb appeal is not a significant factor. Otherwise, broken windows in need of replacement will hurt the curb appeal and hence deter potential buyers.

It’s tough to quantify how much value is added by replacing windows when selling a home. In regards to the asking price, it is safe to say that with about a $10,000 investment, you can easily ask another $8500 above your original asking price. That translates to an 85% return on investment. So, if the window replacement job is more, simply use that math to raise the asking price of your home. Most buyers will appreciate the fact that they do not have to replace the windows themselves, which is a timely and costly affair for most. Replacing your home windows will be to your benefit in the long run.

The bottom line is that if buyers see your home as too much work or not outfitted with enough positives, they will search elsewhere for a new home, which could potentially rob you of the sale. If they see old, poorly working windows, they may wonder what else has been neglected with the home. No matter what, if your home’s windows are in need of repair, the chances that your home will sell quicker with replacement windows is higher, higher than leaving them in a state of disrepair.

Getting the asking price that you want will most likely be easier with updated new home windows. That’s a simple fact. Being able to tout lower energy bills, as a result, will increase buyers incentives to choose your home over other homes they have looked at or are considering buying. These days, energy conservancy is a big plus for both the potential buyer’s pocketbook and the environmentally friendly home buyer.

You cannot go wrong with replacing the windows on your home before selling. The ultimate value of the home automatically increases, so does curb appeal and functionality, which are significant factors in today’s real estate market.

We hope that these points about replacing windows when selling a home are helpful to you while deciding. Paramount Windows and Siding in Denver is ready to help you sell your home faster with replacement windows installed. Call today to schedule your free consultation.

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