Phantom Screen Service

Like every product on your home, your Phantom Screens may occasionally need service.  If you watched this video on maintaining and cleaning your Phantom Screen and still need some help, we would be happy to schedule a time with you to service your Phantom screen!

To help begin processing the service on your Phantom Screen, we would like you to provide some information in the form below.   We also wanted to make sure that you are aware of and understand our service fees, should they be required for your repair.

Please send us the required information below so we can assess what is needed to service your screen system. Once we receive your information, we will begin to process your request for service.

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  • Phantom Screen Service Request

    Thank you for this information – this helps us understand the service needed.
  • For example, is it a door screen, a motorized screen or a large XL wall screen?
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    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif, pdf, Max. file size: 4 MB, Max. files: 4.
    • Paramount Siding and Windows guarantee our installation for 2 years from the initial installation. If the product is not working properly due to our installation, we will make the adjustments required for no additional fee. The product, however, does need to be properly maintained and cleaned to operate properly. We are not held responsible for operational errors such as walking through the screen or from animals or weather disrupting the unit. In most cases, a simple adjustment or minor parts might be needed to get your screen working properly.

      We require the homeowner or their authorized representative to be present during the service. Our service technicians are trained to repair all Phantom products, as well as assess what is needed. If there is any discrepancy in the service needed and our original estimate, our service technician will discuss any cost changes needed before we begin the service. We ask that the service fee to be paid in full at the completion of the service.


      1. Service call (a minimum of 1 hour for 1 technician) = $95
      2. Re-screen Legacy door unit = starts at $195 for 84" x 36" mesh, cost increases for taller or wider units
      3. Legacy swap = exchange your existing housing, slidebar, and mesh for a new screen door unit with the Legacy latch system. When possible, your existing tracks and adapters will be reused. Starts at $450 for 84" x 36" units in one of the 10 standard colors and increases for larger units or specialty colors.

      Specific costs of rescreening or Legacy swaps will be discussed with you prior to work beginning.

      Outside of these established fees, our service rates are billed in 30-minute increments after the first hour. The cost is $95 per technician for the first hour and $50 per technician for each additional 30 minutes required to complete the service. The cost of any required materials will be discussed with you prior to beginning the service and the additional cost will be added to your final invoice. If the property needing service is outside of the Denver metro area, a minimum of $50 travel fee will be applied to your total invoice. The specific cost of the travel fee will be discussed with you prior to us traveling to the property.

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