XL Retractable Wall Screen

There’s nothing like being able to leave your multi-panel wall system wide open to enjoy the breeze without letting the bugs in. Phantom’s new manual wall screens for oversized openings disappear out of sight when not in use, never compromising your home’s style or million dollar view!

Features & Benefits

Retractable wall screens fit a wide variety of large openings including oversized & double doors and lift & slide door systems.  Phantom Screens offers various mesh options for this manually operated retractable screen, including insect, solar protection and additional privacy. An integrated quick-release thumb latch to provide easy in and out access– making it easy to use, quiet to operate and secure from unintended openings.


Our screen doors are custom made for your home – which means they’ll fit perfectly with your doorway. The chart below shows the sizes available

Style Width Height
Single Unit Max 144″ Max 120″
Double Unit Max 288″ Max 120″

* Maximum sizes are determined by the height and width ratio