The Definitive Guide to Windows for Your Home

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The Definitive Guide to Windows for Your Home

What You’ll Learn from this Guide

We’re excited to present The Definitive Guide to Windows for Your Home, a guide for anyone looking to tackle a large or small window project.

Colorado residents know how imperative it is to have functional and plentiful windows in a home in order to adjust to the ever-changing temperature in our beautiful state. If you are looking to repair windows or replace windows in your home, you’ll find that there is a lot more to consider than you may have originally thought.

In this guide, we cover the basic information and terminology you’ll need to know as you seek a solution for your home. In this guide we will cover:

  • Elements of a Window–this will help you “speak the language” of windows as you assess your options
  • Window Types–there are different functions and purposes of each
  • Window Materials–this will be one of the largest contributors to the cost and lifetime of a window
  • Types of Window Insulation–on top of window type and material’s natural efficiency, additional insulation can be added
  • Decorative Glass Types–discover the different ways glass can be cut to create beautiful designs

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