Top Signs You Need Roofing Services

Signs You Need Roofing Services Paramount Siding & Windows DenverToday, Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver shares the top signs you need roofing services in case you are questioning whether or not to invest in a new structure. The old standard of “when in doubt” is actually a good rule of thumb to follow. For instance, if you see something amiss with your roof such as missing or broken shingles, you should absolutely call a trusted roofing contractor to take a look. They’ll be able to determine if it’s an issue that can be repaired or an indicator that you need roof replacement.

For now, read on to get a more thorough understanding of just what to look for when it comes to calling the professionals for help with your roofing. If you notice any of the signs you need roofing services, please give the team at Paramount a call. We can send out one of our HAAG Certified Roofing Inspectors to provide you with a complete report on the status and expected lifespan of your roof.

Age of Roof

You can expect your Denver roof to last anywhere from 15-25 years under ideal conditions. That being said, if you experience extreme weather conditions in your area, such as intense sunshine, high winds, heavy snowstorms, hail storms and rainfall, that number will decrease according to the manufacturer’s roof durability guidelines. The standard 20-year roof guarantee applies to the typical 3-tab shingle roofing systems, whereas residential architectural roofing generally lasts a bit longer.

When considering the sale of your home, think about putting on a new roof if it is older than about 15 years. It will be a lot easier to sell to buyers as it is one less primary concern to be dealt with.

Out-of-Date Roofing

Even if your roof style is from another era, it may still be popular, attractive, and even trendy. But if your roof is outdated and not in style anymore, that is one of the signs you need roofing services. Everyone wants their home to offer curb appeal, but an older uglier roof will take away from that positive effect. Additionally, if your roof is different and sticks out amongst the neighbor’s roofs as unattractive or obtrusive, that is another good reason too.

When remodeling and replacing your roof, keep in mind what the neighbors have going on for roofing. Either maintaining the same style or improving upon it is a better bet than choosing the most affordable option only, which is most often 3-tab shingles. Perhaps architectural shingles are a better option, but you will have the chance to decide that with your Denver roof contractor when the time comes to replace.

Weather Damage

Mother Nature sure does have a mind of her own. So even a new roof can experience irreparable damage that requires an entirely new roof replacement. High winds are a major concern for roofs as they can unexpectedly damage any roof, no matter the condition. It’s a good idea to get a professional roof inspection after a storm. You can do it yourself but be very careful. And make sure that you have a family member or neighbor nearby in case you need help.

During the inspection, look for curled shingles, missing shingles, or crooked shingles. These often indicate damage to the shingles or to the roof membrane which can lead to serious problems if not addressed immediately. Hopefully, all you need is a few roof shingles replaced but no matter what, get the issue resolved immediately.

Leaks and Water Damage

Visible signs of water damage are a major turn off for your family and prospective buyers in Denver, much less actual leaks. If water is infiltrating the house or you see signs of water damage, these are major signs you need roofing services. Identifying the origin of the leak is not an easy task, either.

A leak may start in one spot and not materialize until it reaches a low point where it becomes visible. The best option, in this case, may be a complete roof replacement. Chasing a leaking roof with repairs will also end up being an expensive endeavor. Have your trusted roofing contractor take a good look at the situation, then you can decide the best route to take whether that be repairs or replacement.

Signs of Aging

Even at only 15 years old, your home’s shingles may need replacement. Premature aging is typical in severe weather climates. It is much better to replace earlier than later after the damage has already occurred to the roof. Another huge reason that premature roof aging occurs is moisture and humidity. Extremely shaded homes have an especially hard time staying up to par. Any type of moisture sitting on the roof will lead to a more rapid decline in the roofing structure.

Another detrimental effect can be walking on top of a roof that does not have proper decking. Some folks like to head to the upper levels to enjoy the view, but if there is not sufficient support, this can cause advanced aging or even irreparable damage to the roof.

Another indicator of a roof that may be at the end of its lifespan is brittle shingles and shingles missing the protective granules or shingles that have bald patches. Anytime trees, branches, and foliage are allowed to sit on top of the roof, this will age it faster, cause algae and moss growth and even worse, mold and mildew.

An overall rough and shabby looking roof is another of the signs you need roofing services in Denver. Even though roof replacement is not a glamorous home renovation, it will pay off big for both the comfort and safety of everyone inside and when the time to sell comes. If you have any desire to sell your home, now or in the future, keeping your roof in good condition will make a huge difference.

No matter what the condition of your roof the team at Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver can help evaluate it. Use these top signs you need roofing services to determine if a roof inspection, repair, or replacement is required then give us a call to learn more about our licensed and insured team of roofing experts.

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