bay and bow windows are a great accent

Top tips for improving your home with bay and bow windows

Bay and bow windows offer homeowners three or more semi-circular window vantage points through a single section of wall. Yet, these windows do more than offer a great view of the outdoors. They also increase space inside of the room:

  • Use bay or bow windows with wide windowsills to display or store items that would typically fall off standard narrow windowsills.
  • Make a room feel larger and more airy by installing large bay or bow windows that feature white or off-white window frames.
  • Create a room that extends literally beyond the flat wall and feels like the wall is open to the outdoors by constructing an extension to the floor and then installing half-wall or floor-to-ceiling bay or bow windows.
  • In an extended kitchen, dining room, or other space, use bay or bow windows as a focal point and install a built-in booth, bed, or reading nook, respectively.

At Paramount Siding & Windows, a member of our experienced team can help you pick the perfect windows to improve your home. Although we’re well known as a Denver window company, we serve the entirety of Colorado. Contact us today for more tips or assistance with renovating your home with one or more of these windows.

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