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What to expect with your window installation

Homeowners planning on replacing their windows or installing brand new ones can get caught up in uncertainties. Is it necessary to hire a professional? Can I install the windows myself? Do I need to have old windows removed before the installation? How long will it take? We are happy to clarify the most common misconceptions and queries about window installation.

First, is DIY window installation a good idea or even possible? Unless you have experience in detailed construction work, it is not the best idea to attempt window installation by yourself. A professional window installation crew will have the skills to install your windows with an airtight seal for the best energy efficiency. You can depend on them to leave you with secure and beautifully finished windows that blend in seamlessly with your home‘s design.

You may think there are savings to be made by foregoing a professional window installation and just doing it yourself. Unfortunately, mistakes made when fitting windows can result in much higher repair costs later. Often, the product warranties on windows specify that they must be professionally installed. This means that if you damage the window while attempting to install it yourself, you can easily void the warranty and be left with a broken window and no backup.

Window installation by a professional involves a few distinct stages. Overall, the process can take 6-8 weeks until completion. Start by requesting your in-home consultation – from the right company here in Denver, this should be free. At Paramount, one of our experienced professionals will listen to your needs and preferences regarding window style, material, security, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. They can share information and advice on the suitability of different windows for your home. They will then measure the dimensions for each requested window and confirm the style of window.

Once ordered, your new windows can be ready for installation within a few days if you opt for off the shelf, standard sizes. If you choose made to order windows, you can expect a wait time of around four weeks. A representative from the installation team will call you to schedule the installation at a convenient time of your choice.

On the installation day, you can expect the crew to start early and typically finish the entire job in one day. Each window will be methodically installed, with the removal of old windows if necessary. The window frame is leveled and set within the opening before being securely installed. An airtight seal is created, and the surrounding molding finished. Any last glazing treatments are applied before moving on to the next window.

Each window can take approximately 30 minutes to install. Upon completion of the installation, all debris will be collected and disposed of, leaving your home’s interior and exterior spotless! The senior installation professional will do a full walk-through with the homeowner to demonstrate opening and closing of each window and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Knowing the facts about home window installation can clear up misconceptions before they happen. Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver wants customers to know what to expect when it comes to window installation. We are sure that our high standards will live up to your high expectations!

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