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Window Materials for Your Home

There are few things as great for your home as windows. They are hugely important for many reasons, from letting in natural light to temperature control in each individual room. Windows are highly sought after in all of their forms, and there are new and innovative ways to have them installed to fit your aesthetic and style preferences.

Since they now come in so many different shapes and materials, it’s smart to have an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each window material. There are four types that are usually used: wood, vinyl, fiberglass, or Fibrex. You have access to all four options for materials, and while most people like to keep all of their windows made of the same material, there are some who will want to mix and match around their home. When thinking about your new windows, always start by considering the best type of window for your space, budget, and functional desires. As you read through these advantages and disadvantages for each window type, consider the window types available to you in your space. To help you consider your choices, here is a brief overview of window types before we get to the materials.

  • Awnings windows: open outward using a crank system, air flow out
  • Bay and bow windows: multiple piece windows with seating
  • Casement windows: hinged on one side, open at an angle for airflow out
  • Picture windows: do not open, only a viewing area
  • Single and double hung windows: classic up and downs, small amount of air in and out
  • Sliding windows: modern and classic, lets a large amount of air in and out

Wood Windows

Wood is the traditional route for many people. That doesn’t mean that it’s outdated either. In many ways wood is not only traditional but also the best choice because of its cost and long life. Wood is known to be a fantastic insulation, so those who are constantly cold may want to consider giving these a try. Maintenance for these windows usually includes more work than the others though—since they are made of an organic material. Additionally, wood can be exposed to issues like termites if it is not treated correctly or swelling from excess moisture. However, any issues that are found can be easily repaired, the entire sill can be fixed piece by piece.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are great for replacing old windows or budget-conscious homeowners. They are known for their own insulating qualities which offer insulation of warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. Their maintenance is more complex than wood however, since they require specialty parts to install. They also tend to not be environmentally friendly, and they cannot be easily painted without preparing the surface first. There are also a wide variety of options and styles so the homeowner who has problems with numerous choices may be better suited to another option.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is a relatively new option for windows. Like the windows that came before it, fiberglass has insulation qualities that give it advantages for temperature control during different seasons. Further, fiberglass is low maintenance and when properly cared for, can last decades. The edge it has over vinyl? It can be painted numerous times, letting you change the style of your home as often as your style changes. While the advantage it has over wood, is that there is no period of expansion or contraction with these, making them more stable. But they can deteriorate over time if not maintained properly good thing, since they are recyclable.

Fibrex Windows

Fibrex windows are a composite creation made for windows that offer unique qualities for homeowners. Created by Andersen Windows’, the 100-Series Window offers strength and quality in this composite option that makes it two times stronger than vinyl. They never need painting, they won’t fade in the sun, flake from weather, blister in the heat, or peel from abuse. They also come in a variety of colors and styles including patterns and even patterned glass options. Further, Andersen has gone above and beyond their duties, offering a 20-year limited warranty on glass, and a 10-year limit on non-glass parts; those warranties are even transferable to the next homeowner.

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