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Window tips for coping with fluctuating temperatures

Temperatures increase and decrease beyond normal expectations every season. Although summer is months away, aberrant hot days occur in winter. Additionally, winter and spring months fly by fast. How can you better manage these fluctuations in your home or office?

  • Welcome sunlight inside on cold days and block its access on hot ones by investing in automated interior curtains and blinds or exterior canvas awnings.
  • Another option: replace existing windows with tinted ones designed to prevent outdoor temperature increases from heating up interiors.
  • Choose replacement windows that open effortlessly on days when you want to feel a cool breeze and lock automatically when you close them.

At Paramount Siding & Windows, our team of specialists knows the best ways to use windows and related accessories to manage the temperature inside of homes and businesses. We are one of the top window companies in the region. Contact us today for additional tips or help with picking the right windows for your unique needs.

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