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In climates with extreme cold in the winter and heat in the summer, insulated windows from Paramount Siding and Windows provide protection from the elements and increased energy efficiency that can lower your utility bills. Whether you own a home or commercial property, investing in insulated windows will ultimately pay for themselves down the road. Plus, you’ll enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers!

What Are Insulated Windows?

Insulated windows use multiple panes with space left in between for your preferred form of insulation such as argon gas. This creates a steadier temperature in your space, greater energy efficiency, less condensation on windows, as well as increased humidity and air quality if you run the heat in winter.

Insulated windows help to control all of these processes:triple pane Paramount Siding & Windows Denver

  • Conduction – Direct heat flow through the frame and glass
  • Convection – Heat flow by the movement of gases or liquid
  • Radiation – Energy transmitted from heat and sunlight

The ability to control conduction is measured as the window’s U-factor, the lower the value the less heat flows through the window. The resistance to convection is known as a window’s R-value, and here, you want a window with a higher rating. Just remember – low U-factor, high R-value – and you’ll be all set.

Types of Window Insulation

Your first step is to choose either double or triple-paned windows. Even without any added insulating materials between the panes, double-paned windows provide twice the insulation as single-pane. By design, going with multiple panes also creates significant noise reduction for a peaceful, quiet space.

Now, take your insulated windows to the next level with:

Argon or Krypton Gas Filler – Argon is a non-toxic, inert, clear, and odorless gas that reduces convection and the transfer of heat. Krypton works in the same way but is most often used in tighter spaces typical of triple-paned glass windows. Either one greatly increases your energy efficiency.

Low-E Glass Technology – Panes can also be coated with a thin metal oxide layer that reduces harmful ultraviolet, infrared and visible light transfer. It also reflects heat back to its source – in the summer, that means it keeps out heat, and in winter, low-e glass bounces warmth back into your space.

As you can see, insulated windows come with many benefits. The key to maximizing these advantages is to have our team at Paramount Siding and Windows install them properly right from the start. Simply get in touch today, and we’ll help you choose the right windows for your needs and budget.