Fiberglass Windows in Denver

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When it comes to replacing your old windows, Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver carries a wide variety of styles and options, including fiberglass windows. This relatively new material comes with a number of unique and powerful benefits that may make it the ideal choice for your home.

Like wood and vinyl windows, fiberglass windows keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Like vinyl, fiberglass is very low maintenance and lasts for decades.

Like wood, fiberglass can be painted if you decide to change your color scheme in 10 years.

Bottom line, it offers many of the benefits of both wood and vinyl with few downsides. In fact, the only “con” that we can find is that fiberglass windows require a bigger investment than other window types.

If you’re going to be staying in your home for a while, fiberglass makes sense. For first-time homebuyers who don’t plan to put down roots, we can help you make the right choice for your needs and budget.


Using fiberglass for windows offers benefits that you might typically only find in vinyl, wood or even aluminum. It’s a “best of all worlds” product, offering incredible value for your spend. Here’s more:

  1. Longevity – Fiberglass sees near zero thermal expansion and contraction, so it’s less likely to crack and deteriorate. They can last longer than vinyl, which maxes out at 40 years.
  2. Simplicity – Virtually maintenance-free frames with no sanding, painting or staining required – and when they do finally need to be replaced, fiberglass windows can be recycled.
  3. Effectiveness – Studies have shown fiberglass windows to be three times more energy efficient than vinyl, keeping the heat out in summer and cold out during frigid winters.
  4. Beauty – They come in a variety of colors and styles, and Beechworth offers the ability to choose wood for the interior while having the durability and strength of a fiberglass on the exterior.
  5. Durable – A strong material, fiberglass won’t discolor, rust, corrode, warp or rot. Fiberglass holds up to extreme wind and won’t absorb moisture after a snowy day or summer storm.


At Paramount Siding and Windows, we make it easy to decide if fiberglass windows are the right fit for your circumstances and budget. And when it comes to installation, we’ll send out licensed and insured contractors to complete the job quickly and hassle-free.

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