How to Choose the Best Windows for Your Home

new bay window installation Paramount Siding & Windows DenverToday, Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver offers pointers on how to choose the best windows for your home. We know that consumers are bombarded with a mountain of offers and information even when home windows shopping. That’s why we have broken it down for you and made it even simpler to understand what to look for when choosing a sustainable window option for your home, regardless if you plan to stay or sell your home. The details of window choices call all be boiled down to these four aspects: frame, glass, design, and installation.

Proper Window Installation

It is essential to understand the relevance of proper installation. In fact, the point cannot be stressed enough. Without the correct installation of your new home windows, even the best windows for your home will inevitably have problems that lead to a decreased window life expectancy. Make sure that you have trusted professionals do the work, like Paramount.

Window Frame Material 

Wood: Offering the best insulation value, wooden frame windows require more maintenance than most frame material options. Upkeep includes painting and checking for rot on a regular basis. So, particularly rainy or humid climates should steer clear of wooden frames if possible. However, if constructed with high-quality products and installed correctly, wooden window frames can stand the test of time.

Wood-Clad: So, maybe wood-clad windows are a better bet. They offer a lower maintenance exterior surface which is either aluminum or vinyl, requiring little to no painting, encasing the treated wood on the interior. Well, again, it depends on the climate. Wood-clad windows will not handle wetter climates well. Any water or humidity intrusion will inevitably cause rot. The sills and jambs tend to pool water and can easily seep into the interior of the window frame. If you plan to install wooden-clad window frames, make sure to use a waterproof rubber membrane and a stand-alone flashing assembly (sill pan). These are used to prevent as much moisture intrusion as possible.

Vinyl: It has a reputation for being cheap, and although it is an affordable option, vinyl may actually be the best windows for your home. Improvements in vinyl windows have increased over the years, so you get more bang for your buck with a vinyl window than ever before. Well-constructed vinyl frame windows with insulated glass will do a good job at insulating the home and limiting air leaks. They are lower maintenance, not requiring painting, so they make a convenient and affordable option. A downside to choosing vinyl windows is the limited color options, coming in only a handful of colors.

Aluminum: These windows are a good choice for humid and rainy climates unlike some of the other options. They also adhere to strict building codes for coastal or storm-prone areas. They are not the best at heat transfer and heat loss though, but they make a sturdy window frame at an affordable price.

Window Glass

Technologies in window glass have come a long way. Right now, what’s being talked about most is what’s inside of the glass. So instead of reverting to traditional single-paned windows, double-paned windows are the best windows for your home. With all of the research available, double-paned, Low-E, argon-filled and vacuum-sealed windows offer all the bells and whistles you can possibly get.

A double-paned, Low-E, argon-filled and vacuum-sealed window is a mouthful, but combines the most proven technologies in energy efficiency within the last 20 years. These windows will protect the interior of your home from UV rays and the damage sunshine causes, as well as prevent heat from escaping in the colder winter seasons.

You can go up in protection from here, to a triple-paned glass window as well as using denser gasses inside of the panes, but always keep an eye on your budget for replacement windows. Pricing can increase quickly! For example, if you were to choose these added insulation features, your price per window could double. However, triple-paned windows are found to be very effective in cold climates, reducing light transmittance and visibility. So, if you want maximum protection from our cold Colorado winters, you may find value in this type of an upgrade.

Also, be sure to check out a window’s Energy Star rating. It has to meet the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) requirements of two metrics. You are looking for the lowest number possible with both of these: Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) which measures how much heat enters through the window, and U-Value which measures the window’s resistance to heat loss.


The most efficient window designs will help keep your energy bills down and your home well insulated. Check a few examples of window designs below to hone in on the best windows for your home.

Double-Hung Windows

These are a favorite design used in homes everywhere. With these windows, the bottom sash slides up to open, likewise with the top sash. However, the space between the sliders in double-hung windows can become a problem in severe weather climates. You’ll really want to look for quality construction. 

Casement Windows

These windows swing out on hinges, and a crank is used to open and close them. There’s also a latch that provides a nice, tight seal. In cold climates, these provide excellent insulation, though the hinges and seals must be maintained for efficiency and continued stability.

Picture Windows

Obviously, these are a good option for energy efficiency, as they do not open. So, using a double pained, gas-filled interior will be a good choice for a picture window. That is especially true for large picture windows which come in many shapes and sizes.

With so many options available out there, it can be a real challenge to figure out the best windows for your home. Luckily, Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver is here to help make your choice easier! With many years of experience and always helpful service, our team of experts is ready to assist in your window-buying journey. Paramount offers guidance in choosing from a myriad of options and provides quick, professional installations, so just give us a call and let’s get started.

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