Classic Window Types

Classic Window TypesClassic window types can help complement the specific time period or style of any home. At Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver, we offer a full range of windows, traditional to modern, and in a wide variety of materials and finishes. Our experts can help you find the perfect fit for your home.

Traditional architecture is very common across the United States and in Colorado. These styles draw inspiration from various parts of the world and different periods in history. The following styles are found within the United States and can be complemented by the right type of classic window types.


Classical architecture draws its inspiration from Roman and Greek styles. It often features materials such as marble and limestone with square structure and stocky pillars. The best examples of this architectural style can be found around the Washington D.C. area, especially in churches and government buildings. Classical style windows are generally square with multiple muntins which are thin strips of wood that hold in and separate individual panes of glass.

Neo classical

This style incorporates elements of classical architecture but is adapted for residential buildings. Some features of this style include symmetry, pillars and decorative elements inspired by classical design. A number of different neo classical styles of home design emerged during the Colonial period and shortly after. Examples of these styles are Federal, Georgia, Antebellum, Greek Revival, and Beaux Arts.

In neoclassical homes, you’ll typically go with of a single hung window or double hung window and even include arch top windows.

Cottage Style

Cottage style architecture varies widely depending on the location, but usually puts an emphasis on simple craftsman design, incorporating porches and gardens. For these classic window types, wood is often used, in both the facades or siding of the home as well as on the roof, in the form of traditional cedar shakes. The cottage style often features bay windows, arch top doors, and windows with simple shutters.

Gothic Style

Gothic architecture is most commonly found in churches and around the Northeast of the country. While it is relatively unusual, some elements of gothic style architecture can be found in English-style cottages. Some noteworthy features are the steep, gabled roofs clad with slate or wooden shingles and the prominent chimneys. Tall narrow styles are incorporated, usually casement windows or fixed.

Victorian Style

Victorian style homes began springing up around the mid-19th century when the industrial revolution permitted mass production of certain decorative elements like ornamental brackets, spindles, and patterned shingles. In these type of homes, you will often see bay windows, gabled roofs, and purely decorative elements.

For a historical home, extra care needs to be taken with window installation. At Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver, we have plenty of experience with home restoration and classic window types. Our team can help select the right window to match your home’s architectural style and ensure a high-quality installation is carried out. For professional results at affordable prices, you can trust Paramount Siding and Windows. Contact us today to arrange a free in-home consultation and quote.

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