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Fibrex Windows, What Are They All About

Many homeowners looking for replacement windows find that Fibrex gives them a high-quality product at a reasonable price. You have heard of wood, aluminum, and vinyl replacement windows, but what are Fibrex windows?

Fibrex® material created by Anderson Windows combines recycled plastic waste with wood fiber into blocks used in building construction. These blocks are twice as strong as conventional concrete while being lighter and requiring less energy to make. They are also much easier to install. This makes it possible to build homes and structures that are more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and quicker to construct.

This innovative window system combines high-performance glass and energy-efficient materials to deliver superior strength, durability, and long-term values.

It’s made up of 40% recycled material, mostly from the manufacturing processes, and 60% thermoplastic polymer. Some of it is also recycled.

Andersen says that Fibrex material has superior thermal insulation qualities compared to aluminum window frame materials, which conduct heat and cold. However, independently, both statements are true; aluminum against fiberglass may not be an effective comparative statement, however, since window shoppers considering fiberglass are usually interested in either fiberglass or wood windows, not aluminum.

Pros and Cons of Fibrex Windows

Fibrex® windows are durable windows. They are robust and maintain their integrity no matter what the outside conditions are like. If you live in areas where there is extreme heat or cold like here in Denver Colorado, Fibrex® windows can help keep your home comfortable. In addition, because they undergo less thermal expansion compared to other types of windows, they don’t expand and contract with changes in temperature. So, even if the weather gets colder or warmer, the seal stays tight.

The only downside to Fibrex® windows is that they are more expensive than traditional vinyl windows. But, if you want something that lasts, you’ll probably pay extra for it anyway.

Fibrex, a material designed and patented by Anderson Windows, is available in their 100 series of single-hung windows. It is two times stronger than vinyl and boasts these other advantages:

  • Fibrex is environmentally friendly
  • Has greater energy efficiency
  • Fibrex windows are a low-maintenance alternative
  • The Fibrex composite is available in several different finishes and never needs to be painted.

Learn all about how Fibrex windows can help you in your home by calling us at Paramount Siding & Windows, we’d love to offer you some suggestions that will work for you.

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