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Some info about Vinyl Windows

At Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver, Colorado, our customers often ask do vinyl windows last and are they worth the investment? We know the low cost and ease of maintenance of vinyl windows make them a very attractive option for homeowners on a budget.

The lifetime of a window can vary depending on the type of weather conditions it is subjected to, as well as the maintenance it receives. The first clue to knowing how long your windows will last is to look at the warranty length. The warranty will give you a good indicator of the expected lifetime of any window.

Vinyl windows installed in climates with high humidity levels can suffer from gradual water damage. If there is little sunlight hitting the window and the temperatures are continuously low, the windows will never fully dry out, meaning harmful fungus and microorganisms can thrive.

For more information about vinyl windows, simply contact us here at Paramount Siding and Windows in Denver, Colorado. Our experts will answer your questions and help you find the best option for your home and budget. Request a free consultation today.

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