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What causes windows to fall out?

Window inspections and preventative maintenance don’t merely help lower heating and cooling costs over time. They also prevent more expensive repairs and potentially serious accidents that can harm people, pets and property. Without regular care, windows can fall out for the following reasons:

– Building movement: Settling, road traffic and interior running and walking can cause your home’s windowpanes and frames to shift and become unstable.

– Eroded caulk: Instability also occurs when caulk around panes and frames breaks down and wears away with age or no one replaces it.

– Wall damage: Windows can topple out if the walls are damaged during construction, accidents or as a result of pests or water entering through gaps caused by movement and eroded caulk.

Our team at Paramount Siding & Windows have the knowledge, experience and tools to recognize and fix these types of issues so that you’re less likely to ever experience the shock and expense associated with a window in your home falling out. Contact us today for more details.

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