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Why you should switch to insulated windows

When it is time to look for replacement windows, many people make the switch to insulated windows to help with home heating and cooling costs.

Noise reduction

Those who upgrade from single-pane windows will notice an added bonus: peace and quiet. This is because the same layer of gas between panes that helps to regulate temperature also dampens and distorts sound waves. As a result, homeowners will notice a marked decrease in ambient outdoor noises.

Energy efficiency

Window companies can help consumers select an insulated window with an appropriate Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating. Most double-pane windows have STC ratings ranging from 28-32, while single-paned windows’ ratings hover around 18-20.

Reap the benefits

With significant sound reduction and energy savings, it’s time to make the switch to insulated windows. Paramount Siding & Windows is a Denver window company with the expertise to upgrade your existing windows.

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