Combine casement windows with picture windows

Do you have a shifted windows problem?

When any home settles into its position on the ground over time, the structure typically destabilizes and requires repairs. Gaps often form around windows between the frames and walls. These voids can allow warm air to enter the home in summer and cold air in winter. Mold can grow in the spaces and tiny pests can use them as entry points.

How can you detect this problem?

  • Check your curtains regularly. If they move without another source of air circulation, then there might be gap drafts.
  • Look for mold on the interior trim where any pieces meet and check for insect carcasses on each sill. You might also notice an increase in flying insects like house flies and gnats near the windows.
  • Try to open and close the windows with ease. If you have modern ones, they shouldn’t stick.
  • Perform a wall inspection. Cracks in the walls around the windows normally indicate house settling.

If you believe that your home has a shifted windows problem, it’s time to contact a window repair expert. Paramount Siding & Windows proudly serves our neighbors across the entire Front Range. Contact us today for more information.

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